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12th-May-2010 05:46 pm - We Hunger - Bloody Costume Make Up for Males & Females
IWTV - Fucking Vampires

A set of five bloody costume make ups for your less-than-neat vampires. Or non-vampires who like to bite people. Or change the color for bile-oozing zombies. Or... anything else; I won't judge.

Enabled for males and females, teen-elder. Found under costume make up and all in one row.

Corrosion seeps... )

Do whatever you want, keep it off paysites, etc. etc. blah blah. The thirst from a vampire bite fills the emptiness inside, consuming everything green-eyed.


Also, [personal profile] gelydh made us a new itty bitty linky banner dealie. If you want to link to us, check it out at the bottom of our sticky post.
4th-May-2010 10:29 pm - Putting The Damage On - Two Three-Channel Eyeshadows
TS3 - Aikea - Purple

After several days of failing at every. single. project. I started, I decided I'd try to fail at some eyeshadow. They didn't turn out half bad, so here you go.

There are two three-channel shadows, available for males and females, teen through elder. These blend perfectly with both darker and lighter skintones.

now i've got to worry... )

Do whatever you want with these, just keep them off paysites (including TSR). Textures, alphas, and controls are all original; please credit if you use any portion of them. I'm trying not to move, it's just your ghost passing through.

8th-Jan-2010 03:17 pm - Site Repost - Matte Lipstick
Tattoo - My Wings

Matte Lipstick, Non-Replacement

For Teen through Elder Females


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