Hey, and welcome to my Sims 2 site! This is a site that will always be 100% free. There is not even a need to register to download, just point and click. Here, you will find mostly objects, walls and floors, and Sim-interior guides and tutorials. None of the downloads have gameplay-altering hacks, so they are safe to use. I make sure that I test them before they are put up for download.

My name is Line, and I'm the owner of this site. All the downloads on this site, and tutorials (unless linked from external sites) are made my me. I have a great interest for interior design, and the Sims. I've studied interior design, and I've also been in the lamp store business for almost 2 years. When it comes to objects, I specialise in lamps, for obvious reasons, and also decor.

I hope you enjoy my site, and feel free to contact me with any feedback or questions!

For those interested in reading about the deveopment of this site, I have archived the blog I kept right here.

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank the awesome people over at My Sims Site. Their help has been crucial, and they have a great community. Go visit them at http://www.mysimsite.net